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The SSQ Award quality program is accrediterat by HOTREC according to the European Hospitality Quality. Therefore, the participants in the SSQ Award program, are allowed to use HOTREC Q-symbol together with the SSQ Award logotype.

SSQ Award was accredited the first time in 2010.
HOTREC accredits SSQ Award (in Swedish)
HOTRECs press release

SSQ Award was re-accredited 2016
Read HOTRECS press release here >




SSQ Award gives Honourable Mentions to establishments that are role models for the industry.

The SSQ Award's Quality Planning Document is a tool for establishments to assess their processes and results, and how they work with measuring what real guests think, as well as how the establishment lives up to their own goals in areas that effect service, quality and profitability. Honourable Mentions can be given in the following perspectives:

  • Quality Management
  • Guest Focus
  • Employee Focus
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Finance Management

The establishment can also allow the SSQ Award Advisory Board to evaluate their Quality Planning Document. The Advisory Board can reward Honourable Mentions to establishments that stand out as ambitious role models. The price is only 900 SEK to get a Quality Planning Document evaluated by SSQ Award.


The establishment can also use the Quality Planning Document internally to make their own analysis of their improvement areas.

The document can be downloaded here free of charge >



Do you want to have your own quality program customised just fpr your company? You can select which measurements to include and let Better Business conduct objective measurements in your establishment(s). See below examples of surveys that can evaluate your quality from several perspectives.

If you include SSQs quality development document, you can also be able to use SSQ Awards logotype with the EHQ mark showing that the program is accredited by HOTREC according to European Hospitality Quality.

Please contact Better Business to plan your quality program.


Better Business was founded in 1995 and has performed surveys according to the SSQ Award standard since 2002. Examples of surveys:

- Guest Surveys
- Employee Surveys
- Mystery Shopping by Business travellers
- Mystery Shopping by Private guests
- Mystery Shopping by Conference buyers
- Mystery Shopping by whole Conference Groups
- Mystery Calls (reservations and cancellations)
- Mystery E-mails (reservations and cancellations)
- Mystery Webb (information search, reservations, cancellations)

If you are interested in more information about the surveys, please contact Sofia Benedictsson at Better Business.


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