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Kent Nyström
Past President, HOTREC


Helena Jönsson
Consultant in Sustainability, Värdskapet.
(Photo: Petra Kyllerman)
Rikard Bergsten
CEO, Swedish Hotel Classification, a part of Visita.



The Advisory Board will evaluate the establishments' quality planning documents and give Honourable Mentions based on how the establishments work dedicated, innovative an successful with sustanable quality in the following perspectives:

  • Quality management
  • Guest Focus
  • Employee Focus
  • Environmental management
  • Social responsibility
  • Management Accounting
Cecilia Ekblom
Senior Manager, Consulting - EMEA
American Express Global Business Travel
Veronica Boxberg Karlsson
Founder and CEO SSQ Award





Visita represents approximately 7,000 hotels, restaurants and other enterprises in the Swedish hospitality sector. As a sector and employer's organisation, we can help you with issues that are time-consuming or difficult to get involved in, thus making it easier for you to manage your business. We provide information and free legal advice, sign collective agreements on behalf of the sector and represent our members in their contacts with unions, public authorities and politicians. Visita is a part of The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise which is Sweden’s largest business federation representing 60 000 member companies with over 1.6 million employees.
A representantive from Visita is a member of SSQ Award Advisory Board.
Better Business World Wide
Better Business are experts in measuring service and quality in the Moment of Truth! Mystery Shopping is used to explore improvement areas from the guest perspective. Mystery shopping can be done by in person visits, as well as by mystery calls, mysterry e-mails and evaluation of websites. Better Business performs all Mystery shopping evaluations in the SSQ Award concept.
Better Business
Affärsresenären is a trade magazine. Affärsresenären has nominated 30 establishments that SSQ Award will follow during 2016 to evaluate their service level. Affärsresenären is a part of the LaPrensa Group.
Review Pro
Review Pro aggregates information that is submitted by thousands of real guests, via 170+ online ratingsites like TripAdvisor,, Expedia etc. SSQ is using the Review Pro system to evakuate what real guests think about the SSQ Award participants.



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