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As a business and employers' organization Visita has two main areas: trade issues and trade policy and labor relations and negotiations with our union counterparts. Within the framework of the professional issues we monitor legislation and regulations in our field. We inform our members and the world around us, respond to referrals and is the industry's collective voice in many different contexts.
SSQs environment assessment is based on the same criteria as Green Key, which is the tourism industry's leading inter-national environment label for hotels, conference establishments, hostels and camping sites. Green Key helps establishments to develop, improve and communicate their work with environment issues. Today the environment label is used in 36 countries and around 2000 establishments are labelled, more than 80 of them in Sweden. The Green Key label in Sweden is administered by Stiftelsen Håll Sverige Rent. Read the press release her

Affärsresenären is a business magazine for the business traveler. Affärsresenären has nominated 30 establishments that SSQ Award will follow during 2016 to evaluate their level of customer service. Affärsresenären is a part of the LaPrensa group.
Review Pro
Review Pro is aggregating the data sumbitted by thousands of guests at 160+ rating sites like TripAdvisor,, Expedia etc. SSQ is using the Review Pro system for following the SSQ participants.


Better Business World Wide
Better Business World Wide are World champions in measuring The Moment of Truth! Mystery Shopping discovers areas for improvement from the Guest perspective and can be conducted in personal meetings as well as by telephone, e-mail and web sites. Better Business is the exclusive provider of the SSQ Award standard surveys.
Better Business


Värdskapet AB
Hostmanship is the art of making people feel welcome. Seeing those we face as our guests, whether they are customers, clients, patients, students…or colleagues.  A good hostmanship hold concepts such as customer care, quality, friendship and hospitality. The starting point is a welcoming and open attitude to people and situations we encounter.
Det Goda Värdskapet



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